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Hi.   Welcome to the Otaku Village Guestbook.

Thanks in advanced for your comments. I really do appreciate them. However, there have been more than a few instances of abuse. So now, I have to bring in a rules page.

Here are some rules I would like to present to you all. Please follow them.

1. Please keep the language clean.
   This site is meant to be accessible and enjoyed by everyone.   So watch what you are typing, please!   That also means no posting of hate messages, including any of racial, religious, sexual, or political nature.

2. No spamming (Repeating the same message over and over).
   You only need to say a thing once, right? I understand mistakes happen, but 40 times or so is not really an accident.

3. No corporate type advertising.
    If you want to promote your own fansite or homepage, that is more than fine, but guestbook entries promoting drugstore stuff, gambling site, naughty sites, etc. will be deleted shortly after I find them.

  So, if you are all okay with that...

Welcome to the Guestbook

  (Any Guestbook entry that may be considered as inappropriate will be deleted.   It really doesn't take that long for me to do it.   Honest.)

Thanks for stopping by.

Niki P.
The webmistress NeeP.

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