Name: Lander Echidna
Age: 12 (Sorta)
Species: Echidna
Colouration: Red
Eye Colour: Green
Abilities: Capable of gliding for short distances, the Knuckle-Dig and the Knuckle-Climb

   Lander is a clone created by Doctor Robotnik, and have been adopted by Knuckles and Amy.   He is slated as the third in line to the mantle of the Guardianship of the Island, after his sisters, Prickles and Spike.   Lander is very intelligent, but has little experience with real life --he's only been alive for a few months.  He is very naive, yet willing to stand up for what he believes in.   He is also very protective of his baby sister, Thistle.  

Lander and his best friend, Striker 1997
Lander at age '16', 1997
Lander and his family, 1997
Lander Echidna