Name: Princess Maxine Acorn-D'coolette
Age: 16
Species: Squirrel/Chipmunk/Coyote Cross
Colouration: Brown, Cream and Blonde.
Eye Colour: Blue (Grey)
Ablities: Sword skills, Negotiation

   Max is the only child of Queen Sally and her Prince-Escort, Antione.   She has been taught how in most everything needed to be a proper princess, but she is a tom-boy at heart.   She is aware of her duty and will do her best to fulfill it, but she wants to have fun as well.   She is fond of her sword lessons will do everything within her power to butter up her father to get them.  

Max with Lander and Thistle on Liberation Station
Max with her father
Princess Maxine Acorn-D'Coolette