Name: Roxanne Bleu
Age: 18
Species: Winged Hedgehog
Colouration: Light Blue
Eye Colour: Blue
Abilities: Flight at hyper-speed

   Roxie is a Robian-Restoree --meaning that she was one of the ones who were successfully de-roboticized.  She didn't always have wings, but 'came into them' shortly after becoming flesh and blood again.   Roxie is practical, thoughtful, yet sometimes pushy --if she thinks that something is good for you, she'll stop at nothing to make certain that you do it.  But no one really seems to mind --because she is usually right.   She is basically a good person.

Roxie and her foster brother, Tad. 1997
Roxie, 1993
Roxie, 1994
Roxie Bleu