Perseverance - by Zach D

Fear, pain, and anguish once covered these blood stained fields.

It had dissappeared as much as wind does leaves send.

These tattered, village people showed no vengant wood or steel.

Not a person was sad, for there was always a smile to lend.

Dance as they did, frowns from their worn faces for also had to peel.

In their jovial movements did they happily move and bend.

The whole nation now seemed crowded together,

But with their merit shared the amount of room did not matter anymore.

Sadly half of the village is no more from the war,

But still spirits raised with friends and family galore.

The weapons are gone.

The swords and axes are rusted,

And the bow and arrows are busted.

This mattered none.

Peace to these people was a dream forever lusted.

But with this peace, freedom had been finally won.

Dedicated to my best friend- Niki Paradis

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