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Welcome to the Fanfiction Page. For those of you who came straight here, this is the Fanfic page of the main site that I call "The Crossroads". Please check out the whole site. 'Kay? ^_^

  I've been telling stories to children for almost ten years, and Ranma 1/2 tales for almost three.  Then one day, I decided to put one of the tales on paper (so to speak).  The problem is, though,is that I started in the middle of the whole thing as opposed to the beginning. So you will find new characters in the stories that seem to have been there for a while, while reading 'bout them for the first time.  The characters include Jiro, who have hitched herself onto poor Ryouga as his little sister, and Jakku Mizuno, whose main goal is to kill her.

Recipe of Disaster


There's some new faces in Nerima, and some of them don't even belong.  The new kid, Iikiba, has some kind of secret, and he doesn't want to tell.  He isn't even after Ranma.  He just wants some recipe from Ukyou.  What's his story?   And how does it affect Ryouga and Ukyou?  The story is now in nine chapters.
Iikiba Hibiki
ChapterOne:  Boys in Bandannas
Chapter Two:  The Price of a Meal
Chapter Three:  Iikiba's Secret
Chapter Four:  Rub-a-dub Dub: Three Boys in the Tub
Chapter Five:  Night of Relevations and Business Deals
Chapter Six:  Business as Usual?
Chapter Seven:  An Enormous Amount of Depression
Chapter Eight: Broken Dreams and Fixed Battles
Chapter Nine: When Something Smells Funny...

Over a Spilled Bucket of Water.


Jakku Mizuno wants Jiro dead.  And nobody really knows why.  Ranma manages to watch a fight between the two one day. Then he got to hear the reason why they are always fighting.  An old English Nursery Rhyme is translated into the Ranma-verse with drenching results.

Here's the story.

A Small Favour

    This is what I was told by LizMUN was a 'lime' fanfic.  Anyhoo, it's a few years later, and it was the evening of what was a very large Tournament.  It was also the evening of the day that Akane finds out Ryouga's dreadful secret.  As you can expect, she didn't take it very well.  Ryouga's depressed and Jiro decided to ask Ukyou for a favour that may cheer her brother up.

Here's the Story

Strong Enough for a Man...?

This is a short fic about the relationship between Ryouga and Jiro. It was a quiet evening in the woods when something happens and Jiro gets to see a side to Ryouga that she hasn't seen before.

Here's the Story

Generations and Okonomiyaki

Iikiba, as usual gets himself lost. But you won't believe who he ran into. This is a story about a reunion, and of okonomiyaki.

Here's the Story

The Thing About Blondes...

A very blonde Ryouga

Ryouga thinks he found an easy way to earn some money. But nothing is really that easy. And the results are... interesting, to say the least. How does Ryouga cope with the consequences? And What does Nabiki have to do with it? And do blondes have more fun?

Chapter One: To Dye For...
Chapter Two: The Hunt for the Perfect Man
Chapter Three: Ukyou to the Rescue: The Reversal of the Usual Roles
Chapter Four: Another Switch in the Roles

Song Doodles

  These are not quite stories, and not quite images.   They are projects put together with existing doodles and lyrics of some of my favourite songs.   So, they aren't quite songfics either.   Hehe, But I didn't know where else to put them...
Ryouga's song. ("Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane)
Jiro's song. ("Sweet Child o' Mine" by Guns n' Roses)
Yoiko's song. ("Wild World" by Cat Stevens)

Legacy (tentative title)

  This is a story about an old familliar face from the past, who has it out for the old gang, yet decides to take his revenge upon their children.   How does it affect the kids and their parents?   And introducing a lot of new faces to populate a future Nerima.

Prelude: The Dark Alley Scene

Wild World (Songfic)

This is my very first songfic.   And it's kinda sad.   It's a story of parting...   I'll let you peoples see for yourselves.

Here is the story

Lucky Girl (Songfic): Everything About You

My second songfic.   There's something about Ryouga that Ukyou likes, and Ryouga wants to know what that is.   But he's gonna have to convince her to tell him first.   Warning: Lemon!

Here is the story

Check Please

by LizMUN

This is a story about Ryouga and Jiro written by my good buddy, LizMUN.   It's not done yet, but it's good.  It's a nice story about a confrontation with another brother-sister team and an unpaid bill.  
Here's the story.

Iikiba's Photo Album

    "No matter how often I got lost, as long as I have this, I have my family with me." -- Iikiba Hibiki.

    These are the pics to my Fanfictions.  Enjoy.

Arms Wide Open: Iikiba Version

by Rodney Dean
  This a really nice songfic dealing with Iikiba's birth.   I really liked it and I know that you would too.

A Cabbit Mystery

By Glyph Bellchime
  Ryouga's missing carrots from his garden, and Iikiba is hiding something in his bedroom.   And who is the red-hair girl?   It sure ain't Ranma...

Western Umbrella, Wait for Rain

By Glyph Bellchime
Chapter One
Chapter Two
  Ever wonder how Jiro got her umbrella?   The answer lies in this story --a tale of Ryouga getting lost the way that only he can, with Jiro tagging along.   Please read and tell Glyph-chan that you want more.


by Pzach
This is a poem written for me by Zach.   I think it's wonderful.   It's about living and celebration.

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