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Excerpt from Copy

    Kitsuan was riffling through the closet.  She pulled out a cute peasant dress that appeared to be her size.  She held up to her chest and looked into the mirror.
    "Gee," she said.  "It was awfully nice of that lady to lend us this stuff."
    "Says you," muttered Copy glumly.  He was frightened of what his young friend may have in mind for him.
    "Well, we did save her store from being burned to the ground."
    "I would have rather that she served us a seventeen course meal instead..."
    Kitsuan put the dress down onto the bed.  She crossed her arms and glared at the swordsman.   "You and your stomach," she growled.  "Can't you think of anything else besides food?!?"
    "Not when I'm this hungry.   C'mon Kit!!!   Gimme a break, will you?!?  We've haven't eaten since yesterday, and I swear that if I don't eat something soon, those Bounty-hunters will be able to track me down by hearing the grumbling of my stomach."
    The young thief sighed.  "Sorry Copy...  I'm hungry too.  But with those guards out there, and our faces on wanted posters everywhere, there's no place where we can safely go..."
    "I know, I know...  That's why we need the disguises, but the idea of a disguise makes me nervous for some reason..."
    "One of Gourry's memories?" she asked.
    "Could be..."  The young man looked thoughtful.  "For some reason, the idea of disguises always bothered him.  I can't quite remember why..."
    "Doncha worry, Copy!  We'll find the perfect disguise for ya, just watch."
    "That's what I'm afraid of," he muttered.  His stomach growled again.  "I wonder if that shopkeeper would let us have something to eat..."
    Kitsuan shook her head.  "Not with a family of twelve kids to feed. And let's face it," she chuckled, "no one can really afford to feed you --even if they were rich."
    She returned her attention to the closet.  She rummaged through it and pulled out an outfit.  "Hey, Copy!" she chirped.  "I think I found just the thing for you..."
    Copy looked up from the bed he was sitting on.  His eyes focused on the dress that the young thief held up.  "Oh no..." he muttered.  "I am NOT going to wear that, Kit."
    "But the colour suits you," replied the young girl. "Let's see how it looks on you..."
    "No!" shouted Copy.  "I won't wear it!"  He remembered now the reason why Gourry was always nervous about disguises.
    "Yes, you will!" countered Kitsuan.
    "I want to see you make me," challenged the swordsman.

    The sausage vendor looked in disbelief at the two young women as they picked up their order of thirty foot-long sausage-in-a-bun to go.  The taller of the two eyed her carrying tray eagerly.      She had large lavender eyes and short strawberry-blonde hair.  She wore a pink and lavender dress, and her hair was tied up in a short pony-tail on the top of her head.
    "Thank you very much sir!" she chirped at him.  "I'm certain that these will be delicious."
    "Yes, thank-you."  The shorter of the two replied.  Her thick brown hair was tied up in twin top-knots on the top of her head.  She wore a simple green and white outfit.
    At such obvious appreciation for his specialty, the vendor decided that the two girls were a-okay.
    "That's quite all right ladies," he chuckled.  "It's nice to see two beautiful women having excellent taste and healthy appetites."
    "Of course," chuckled the taller girl.  Her laughter seemed, however to be a little forced, but the man thought nothing of it.  Probably nervous about the compliment --such a modest young woman...  "You two have a wonderful day now, y'hear?"
    "Yes, thank-you!" chirped the younger as the two of them walked away.

    The two young women walked over to a table in the middle of the market-square and sat down.  The younger of the two grinned at her companion.
    "It worked.  You gotta at least admit that," she said cheerfully.
    The older girl scowled, and almost slammed the tray of foot-longs on the table.
    "I have never felt so embarrased in my life!" the tall girl growled in a much lower, masculine voice.  "I can't believe that you got me to do this!"
    "Well, you said that you were hungry, Copy..." grinned Kitsuan.  "And this was the only way that we could get anything else to eat..."
    "Yeah, yeah...  Doesn't make it any easier to do though.  I swear that if one more guy hits on me, I'm going to rip his heart out."
    "That doesn't sound like something that a genteel young lady would do..." giggle the young girl.
    "Stuff it, Kit.  I'm gonna eat now, then we're getting out of this stupid town!"

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