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  Hi! And welcome. Those of you have been tryin' to find Ryouga Hibiki -- You just missed him. But like everyone else who is reading this, he came to the Crossroads.  He was trying to find Tokyo, but before I could give him directions, he disappeared.  But he have left his tracks, among other things.  Here you will find Fanfictions, original artwork, scans, and links --- all relating to the Anime Kingdom's favourite Lost Boy.  Enjoy.

    I am your humble host, Niki P., and I will be your guide and direction pointer. (Even though my sense of direction is not much better than Ryouga's.  *sigh*)


   For those of you who don't know about Ranma 1/2, shame on you.  But to put it in a nutshell:  It is a story about
a young man, Ranma Saotome, who got engaged by his father to Akane Tendou, the youngest of three sisters.  It was, um, not hatred, but definitely not love at first sight.  To make matters worse, before the meeting of the two, Ranma's dad, Genma, took his son on a training expedition to China, to the cursed springs of Jusenkyou.  He fell in one of the springs and is now cursed to become a girl whenever he gets hit by cold water.  He changes back to a boy with hot water, but how long will that last until it rains, or he gets splashed?

Who is Ryouga Hibiki?
    Ryouga is Ranma's chief rival for the affections of Akane Tendou.  He has the absolutely worse sense of direction.  He gets lost trying to find the front door to a house --from the inside.  He holds a grudge for being knocked into a spring at Jusenkyou.  He turns into a tiny black piglet when he gets wet.  As a little piggy, he gets adopted by Akane, who calls him "P-chan" and who has no clue to the true nature of her little pet.  Ryouga spends most of his time trying to defeat Ranma and trying to find him.

Page reopened August 25, 2002

  Hello Everyone!   We're still setting up, but I do have some goodies listed here and there, if ya wanna take a look.  
  In the Fanfiction section, there is a new songfic that I wrote.   But I have to warn you, it is a Lemon.   Nothing specific, because I would never have the guts, or the desire to go into details...   I have also been digging up some doodles that I would have posted long time ago, if my site hadn't been taken down, plus one really new one.  The Album has three pictures.   Ryouga's Gallery has one too.   The Links page will be edited soon, as soon as I figure which links are still good and what new ones are worth adding.

Thanks for visiting, and please take a look at the rest of Otaku Village.



Ryouga's Gallery

Ryouga intensive, after all, this page is dedicated to him.

Gallery of the Other Cast Members:

Images of the rest of the cast of Ranma 1/2.

The Gallery:

Pics of characters that aren't either Ryouga or any of the other Ranma 1/2 cast.  From other series, in other words.

My Fanfiction:

Stories which favour the Lost Boy.  And the Ryouga-Ukyou relationship as well.

Iikiba's Photo Album:

The illustrations which go with my fanfictions, mostly of the new characters.


Enough said, eh?

Weird Stuff!

This where you'll find all sorts of odd-ball stuff.

The Characters

This is where you'll find the stats on the new characters found in the fanfiction.   This page will probably always be 'under construction'.

The Wayfarer's Inn

This is a sub page dedicated to the Slayers.   It has its own fanart, fanfics and plenty more.   It's a good place to take a place after struggling to hunt down Ryouga Hibiki.

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So keep on looking and perhaps you will find the Lost Boy.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me, or please, sign the guestbook!

Ranma 1/2 is the property of Rumiko Takahashi, and released in Japan by Shonen Sunday Comics and by Shogankukan Video and Kitty TV.  It is realeased in North America by Viz Communications.  All images are original and created by yours truly, unless otherwise noted and I would like people to ask permission before anyone uses the images.  Please give credit where credit is due.
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