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Slayers Fanfiction

  This is my very modest fanfiction page.   It will take time, but it will grow.


This is 'Copy'.

  This is my very first Slayers story about a young man who has to deal with the fact that he is a 'kopii' of Gourry Gabriev, even though he's not a perfect copy.   On the run simply for being what he is, Copy is also on a quest for the infamous Lina Inverse.

Chapter One: Bringing Up Copy
Chapter Two: Getting to Know One Another --and Others
Chapter Three: Let the Search Begin!

About 'Copy'...
About 'Copy' and Kitsuan
Teaser One...
Teaser Two...

Story Art

Copy is just standing there.
This is Copy.
Copy and Gourry, face to face
Kitsuan, meet Copy.
A confused Copy.
Like Gourry, Copy also has problems with dressing up...
Copy, eating again... (An altered image)
Xelloss meets Copy.
Another way of drawing Copy
Copy (an altered pic)
Copy with Master Thomas.
Copy, wearing jeans... and little else
Kitsuan, wearing not much more than her undies (Don't look too long though...)
Copy and Kit infront of the Wayfarer's Inn
Copy and Gourry
Copy! by Kyokki

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