Pronounciation:   FRANK-KEN-MON
Digimon Level:   Ultimate
Digimon Group:   Virus
Digimon Type:   Unknown
Data Size (G):   40
Technique:   ?
Second Technique:   ?
Special Ability:   Spatial Rift
Description:   There's not too much known about Frankenmon except that he is currently working for Piedmon.   And despite his alliances, he is more interested in learning new things then destroying others.   But that doesn't mean that he wouldn't destroy another Digimon if that meant that he thought he could learn from it.   The more often we can keep away from him, the better!

  Frankenmon is the one responsible for turning all of the Digi-Destined kids into Digimon on the request of Piedmon.   He is only interested in the pursuit of knowledge above all else.   And to that end, he is willing to keep following them and collect as much information as he can before turning them all over to Piedmon.  

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