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Otaku Village


Updated October 10, 05

  Good Morning!   Welcome to the Digimon Den!

    Yeah, I know I'm very slow.   But the Digimon Destined page has been updated.   There is a new site in the Otaku Village, Funburi Cemetery, a Shaman King site, featuring Manta Oyamada (or Morty, if you hafta call him that...).   The Gallery has been updated and reformatted as well.   Take a look around.
  And again, I want everyone to know that original contributions are more than welcomed, and of course, the artist would be credited.   You can e-mail me here with comments or questions or ideas.   And feel free to sign the Guestbook if you like what you see.

Niki P.



This is where I am gonna store the various images of Digimon that I draw and find.   I am going to try and have as many original works of art that I can here.

Fanfiction: Digimon-Destined

This is my fanfic in progress...   On this page, I will keep the chapters and the illustrations that go along with the story.

Fanfiction Ideas

This page is for the other Digimon Story ideas that I have that I may or may not continue.   Has pictures in there too!


Every page should have a links section.   This is mine.


If the new characters and the Digimon-kids were to pitted against other Digimon, how would they fare?   This hopefully will help figure that out.

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