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  Welcome to one of the oddest Digimon stories you'll probably find on the net.   Everyone knows that the Digi-Destined are a bunch of kids from another world who are sent to save the Digital World.   But what if someone decides to bring about a little change in the program?   Such as Frankenmon, who decides to change the kids into Digimon themselves.   What does this do to the prophesy?


Updated October 10, 2005

  Good Morning.   For those of you who haven't given up, I have got an update.   It isn't huge, even after all this time, but I do have some new doodles up, and hopefully soon, I will be able to complete the eighth and last chapter of this tale.   I have lost my counter, as the company I have been using no longer supports the counters, and I haven't found anything I like --so I said, forget it, I still have the Guestbook if anyone wants to let me know they have stopped by.  

  I have had a job now for about 10 months, and since then, I have also have the honour of aquiring nieces (who live with me), and I love 'em terribly, but my time for this kinda thing has now been cut down to more than half.   But I am still here and working, folks, honest.

  But take a look around, folks.   And don't let me forget to finish this tale.

Niki P., the still slow moving NeeP. :P

Updated March 7, 2004

  Good Morning nice and patient peoples!   Not too large of an update --even after all of this time, but I do have a few goodies for you.   There are a few doodles, plus a gift or two that I have the honour of posting.
  I have been receiving some well deserved complaints about how long it takes between postings on this site and between the chapters.   For that, I am sorry.   But I would like to say something in my defense.

  First off, I want it to be known that against all of my wishes to the contrary, I am a 'big person', or an 'adult' if you want me to be technical.   As a reluctant adult, I hafta put getting food on my table and paying the bills as one of my top priorities.   (Yah, it sucks, but that's how life works, y'know?)   An unfortunately, with the exeception of the occasional bit of work here and there, I am currently unemployed --so that means that I hafta go out, and find a job so I can put food on my table and pay the bills. (Not to mention my internet connection and the costs of this website --that's important to you guys who want to continue to view this page, right?)

  But even with all this going on, that's not to say that I have been idle.   Nope!   It's just that I also have other stories and projects that I have been working on as well.   Like a Shaman King story and a Naruto 'Shouya' story. I have even posted a very old Sonic the Headhog story.  I have also been working on another KiSS doll of Uzumaki Shouya that can be found on the Laboratory page.   I am at this time also working on another Naruto story, and a Shaman King story at the same time as I am working on Chapter Eight.   But I AM working on it!   Honest!   But I would like to recommend exploring the entire Otaku-Village site, besides this one humble little page, okay?   And meanwhile I shall get busy.

Niki P., the slow moving NeeP. :P


Chapter One: Hey there, Digimon!

Chapter Two: Digivoloutions and Theories

Chapter Three: Chasing Jyoumon

Chapter Four: The House that Igorimon Kept

Chapter Five: The Temple of the Digi-Destined

Chapter Six: Escape from the Collector Digimon

Chapter Seven:Confrontation at the Laboratory of Frankenmon

The Profiles Page

  You want info on the Digimon-Destined and the other new Digimon?   This is the place to look.   Izimon will willingly share everything he knows.



Pencil sketch of Titaniamon
Taimon, crouching
Ishidamon, howling
Soranamon, looking down


The Digimon Destined...
Jyoumon and Gomamon having a water fight.
Matimon and Tiikeimon...
Agumon with Tainimon
Izimon and Tentomon
Jyoumon, Version 02
At it again... Taimon and Matimon, fighting...
Jyoumon and Gomamon: Partners!
Goma Kido, from Jyoumon's dream
Just a what if... Goma and Jyou...
Karimon with flowers
Jyoumon, before the change
Meimimon scratching Jyoumon's ear by: Aardwulf
Matimon holding Tainimon by: Aardwulf
A beatiful sketch of Jyoumon in his completed form by: Aardwulf
Another pic of Jyoumon.
Gabumon with Yamamon
Jyoumon lounging on the rock by: Aardwulf
Jyoumon being held up by Taimon by: Aardwulf
Jyoumon getting all of the attention that he will ever need
Same pic as above, only 'manga-ized'
Jyoumon expecting something special
Same pic as above, only messed with
Nap Time...
Happy Jyoumon
"It's NOT what you think!!!"
A quick sketch of Koshimon
My first Digimon-Destined pic: Taimon!
The sketch for Amphibimon, plus ideas of Koushiromon's other forms, by Silver 12065
Dark Jyoumon, an evil Digimon, By Aardwulf
Gomamon and Jyoumon, by the river by Aardwulf
Jyoumon, in all his forms by Aardwulf
Taimon, holding a map that he drew.
Digital Family Portrait: Mati, Tiikei, Pata and Gabu
Jyoumon by Adakie
Karimon by Scribbler
Karimon with a Butterfly by Scribbler
A baby Jyoumon hatching by Silver Saber
Jyou wearing his glasses
A sketch of Meimimon's completed form
A sketch of Taimon's completed form
A lesson in Oekaki --Jyoumon!
Jyoumon and his human
Taimon, Agumon, Gomamon and Jyoumon, all having an apple break"
A Neepimon ^_^ by Silver Saber
Animated Karimon by Silver Saber.
Hang on Tight!: Joaimon and Gomamon
Test sketch: Ishidamon
A very small doodle of Jyoumon onna PostIt note
Very small Izimon
A bad pun ^_^ (I like bad puns!)

A sketch of Kodimon
A character sketch of Kennimon
Jyoumon and Kodimon
Jyoumon and Kodimon again, only in colour
Jyoumon, 02
"You Takatomon now... Let's play!"
A nice drawing of Kodimon by LunarDarkStar
Henrimon with Terriermon
Kentamon... He looks a little spooked, eh?
Tamimon, or more like 'Tommy-mon'
A sad little Kodimon...
Kodimon-oekaki (Yeah, I need a lot of practice...)


Story Ideas

  These are the ideas that are kicking around in my head for future stories.   That doesn't exactly mean that I will be writing them, but that I have had them and this is what they look like.

Digi-Baby Pics: Jyoumon!

  I'm a proud Digi-Mommy and I ain't afraid to show it!   Here are some pictures of my Digimon, Jyou.

My Little Jyoumon...
And here he is again...
Here he is in the bath...
And hiding in the washroom...
Jyoumon's not sure if he's ready to come out of the washroom...
Another pic of my Jyoumon
He doesn't know about opening umbrellas in the house...

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