Goma Kido

Pronounciation:   GO-MAH KEE-DOH
Age:   11 Years
Species:   Human
Data Size (G):   35
Weight:   38 Kg (83 lbs)
Eyes:   Green
Hair:   Red
Other Attributes:   Freckles and black fingernails
Crest:   Reliability
Partner:   Jyoumon

Details: Hmmm...   Here's something different.   Since Joe is stuck as a Digimon, Gomamon has to be the human.   And even though it is a challenge, Goma seems to be taking everything well in stride.   Good form him!

  It is a good thing that this former Digimon has such a Happy-Go-Lucky personality --It may be the only thing that is getting through his situation.   But even if the Digi-Destined manage to defeat Piedmon in the end, where would that leave Goma?   Or Jyoumon for that matter?

Crest of Ingenuity
The Crest of Reliability
Goma Kido

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