Pronounciation:   IH-ZEE-MON
Digimon Level:   Rookie
Digimon Group:   Data
Digimon Type:   Insect
Data Size (G):   22
Technique:   Shocker Spray
Second Technique:   Kamekazi Attack
Special Ability:   Flying
Description: Izimon looks just like a kid in bright red and black armour.   But imagine that armour having only three fingers on each hand and only three toes on each foot, and a set of wings sticking out from behind.   Izimon would rather use his brains rather his brawn when it comes to solving problems, but he is not above using his Shocker Spray against his enemies, and when that fails, he could use his Kamekaze Attack, and get the bad guys unaware.  

  Izimon is fascinated by his new body and those of the others.   He is constantly studying the new abilities ast they manifest and catagorizing them for future reference.   He won't mind becoming human again --after he learns everything that he can about being a Digimon.

Koshimon --> Izimon --> Koushiromon


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