Jeimi "Jamie" Kido

Pronounciation:   JAY-MEE KEE-DOH
Age:   11 Years
Species:   Human
Data Size (G):   35
Weight:   38 Kg (83 lbs)
Eyes:   Dark Grey
Hair:   Blue
Other Attributes:   Near sighted and requires glasses
Partner:   Tadpole (gomamon)
Crest:   Ingenuity

Details: Meet Joe's son.   He's a bright eleven year, with an interest in machines and mechanics.   He hopes to be an engineer when he grows up and it looks very likely that he will succeed.   Good for him!

  Jamie has no desire to follow in his father's footsteps, and that is fine with Joe.   But Jamie doesn't mind helping his dad out when it comes to the examinations of all of the baby Digimon.   In return, Joe has no problem with Jamie's interest in odd pieces equipment found all over the Digital World.

Crest of Ingenuity
The Crest of Ingenuity
Jamie Kido

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