Pronounciation:   KAH-REE-MON
Digimon Level:   Rookie
Digimon Group:   Vaccine
Digimon Type:   Animal
Data Size (G):   22
Technique:   Quick Scratch
Second Technique:   Soothing Purr
Special Ability:   None
Description:   Karimon is the quietest, most solemn Digimon that I have ever known.   Even more so than Gabumon!   She rather not fight if she can help it, but her Quick Scratch attack can do serious damage, and she can calm everyone down with her Soothing Purr --she can even put the enemy to sleep with that!   It's kinda like she knows more about what is going on than she is letting on.

  To Karimon, being a Digimon is simply the way that things have to be for a moment.   She thinks that the situation is cool, but she is not in any sort of panic.   She would rather wait and see what happens.

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