Pronounciation:   MAT-TEE-MON
Digimon Level:   Rookie
Digimon Group:   Data
Digimon Type:   Animal
Data Size (G):   22
Technique:   Glowing Blaze
Second Technique:   Claw Strike
Special Ability:   None
Description:   Matimon is a reserved kinda guy, not too willing to commit himself any major decisions, unless it is time to attack!   He resembles a minature were-wolf --except he's not quite as fierce looking.   But don't let his looks fool you...   He can easily clobber an enemy from a distance with his Glowing Blaze attack or he can do serious damage up close with his Claw Strike.   It's not a good idea to get Matimon angry...

  Matimon is taking his transformation in stride.   He is trying to use his new abilities to protect the others, especially Tiikeimon.   But being a Digimon has not changed his personality too much --he still gets into fights with Taimon and he still tends to be a little solitary.

Yamamon -->Matimon --> Yamatomon

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