Pronounciation:   TIE-MON
Digimon Level:   Rookie
Digimon Group:   Vaccine
Digimon Type:   Reptile
Data Size (G):   22
Technique:   Petite Fire
Second Technique:   Claw Attack
Special Ability:   None
Description:   Taimon is a humanoid lizard boy with a big poof of brown hair.   He is brave and more than willing to fight for his friends.   No sense of false modesty here!   Headstrong and smartmouthed, this Digimon is often know for getting himself into trouble, but he can use his Petite Fire or his Claw Attack to get himself out of predictaments as quickly as he gets into them.

  Taimon is one of the quickest to adapt to his new body.   He was the first one to use a Digimon's technique, while hunting down his breakfast.   He finds that he isn't all that anxious to become human again, and he view the quest to become human more as an adventure rather than a neccesity.

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