Pronounciation:   TEE-KAY-MON
Digimon Level:   Rookie
Digimon Group:   Vaccine
Digimon Type:   Animal
Data Size (G):   22
Technique:   Thunder Clap
Second Technique:   Claw Strike
Special Ability:   Flying
Description:   "Little", "and "Spunky" is two of the better words to describe Matimon's little brother.   But his small size does not hinder his ability to pull his weight, in either scouting ahead or fighting.   And he can really give it to the bad guys, with either his Thunder Clap attack or his Claw Strike.   And if that doesn't work, then you would have to contend with his big brother.

  The biggest problem that Tiikeimon has is trying to prove to his big brother that he is more than capable of taking care of himself.   Even though he is a Digimon, he is still the youngest of the group, and to him it seems that everyone wants to coddle him and keep him safe.   He is enjoying being a Digimon, as his new abilities allows him to participate more --that is when Matimon allows him to...

Tekumon --> Tiikeimon --> Takerumon

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