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    Welcome to the Lab.  Here you will find weird original things that I, or some other creative, demented individual have come up with or is currently working on.  Be careful with what you poke at, and be warned that there may be some things that aren't quite working just right...  But other than that, have fun!  Okay?

Kitsune Project

Kitsune Project

(GIF Format)
  My first walking cycle from Animation class, many moons ago.   Kit was a character made specifically for this class. (Some computers will display this better than others.)
Iikiba in a Black Hole

Iikiba in a Black Hole

(AVI Format)
  This is a short video featuring Iikiba Hibiki, made for me by a friend named Zach some time ago.   Zach also provided the voice for 'Kiba.   Please check out his page at

KiSS File: Shouya Uzumaki (Ver. 1.3)

(Updated!) ZIP'd file
  This is my second attempt at a KiSS doll.   This one features Shouya Uzumaki, my Naruto fanfic character from The Seventh Day.   It's not completely done, but here's the first version .  To play with this doll and others, you would have to download a KiSS viewer.   I recommend going to The Big KiSS Page to get the viewer.
Also: (Ver. 1 - lzh)   (Ver. 1 - zip)   (Ver. 2 - lzh)   (Ver. 2 - zip)
KiSS File: Joe Kido

KiSS File: Joe Kido

ZIP'd file
  This is a computerized paper-doll for the kisekae system.   My very first try at KiSS.   It involves the dressing and undressing on one Joe Kido.   I tried my darndest to give this guy everything that I could.
Ranma 1/2 Chibi Fighters

Ranma 1/2 Chibi Fighters

  This is a java-based fighting game featuring the Chibi versions of Ranma, Akane and Shampoo, created by PizZach, a wonderful guy and good friend.   This is a updated version that isn't dependent on the operating system. This program requires Java 1.3 or better. This is available here.  
Again, please visit Zach's page at   He has more games there, as well as stories and comics.

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