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Shaman King
Misa Hi!

    Welcome to my modest Shaman King Fanfiction page.   There are currenly three fanfics in this section with the possibility of more on the way.   These stories are best read in order.   I have even included the illustrations to the stories.   Enjoy. ^_^


Shaman Not Required

There is a ghost of a dead priestess who needs help.   But she doesn't want Yoh's help, but Manta's!   But what can a boy who can only see ghosts do?

One Night's Ghostly Contemplation

Mosuke has a lot to think about.   Mosuke discusses his opinion of Manta, and of the choice that both of them will have to make.

Just One More Shaman

Manta's still hurting over the loss of Misa and Anna's pestering him about something. A Shaman Conference is coming up and Yoh and all his friends are going to attend --or is there a catch?


Misa's feeling guilty
Manta and Misa
Manta and Misa, lined
Misa-flame mode
Manta and Mosuke, oekaki
"Mosuke! Into the laptop!"
Manta in hiding."
Manta with hammer
Manta, the shaman
Doujinshi-type cover to 'Shaman Not Required'

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