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Growing Pains

Danny Phantom, age 17

    Welcome to one of the Fanfiction Pages, called "Growing Pains".   The story is complete and consists of three chapters.   There are illustrations too, and there will be more to come as I get busy.  

Story Synopsis:

    A couple of ghostly cousins have kidnapped Danny and managed to age him by three years.   Danny thinks it's cool at first, but then he notices his body isn't responding the way it should.   Will he be able to change back to normal --especially before his parents come home?

Chapter 1: The Xtra Long Weekend

Chapter 2: Growing Up is Hard!

Chapter 3: Rumble Time

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Prisoner of Deadline

"What have you done to me?!?"

Trying on Jack's clothes

"You better tell me you're not evil"

Revenge of the Picked upon

Clothes are a tad tight

"You hurt her!" by Sol