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Danny Fenton

    Hi.   Welcome the Village's small Danny Phantom site.   The purpose of this site is to showcase one of the Non-Anime shows I have gotten intrested in within the last year.   All works on this site are to be original, done by myself or others.

    One of the main features of this little site is the fanfiction, 'Growing Pains'.   Also, there is a fanart page, which includes the pencil sketches for the Growing Pains Story Line.   As always, contributions, comments, etc., are always welcome.   Please take a look and enjoy.

What is Danny Phantom?
    Danny Phantom is a cartoon created by Butch Hartman and produced by Nickelodeon.   It features 14-year old Danny Fenton, who aquired ghost-like abilities through an accident with a device his parents had built.   Danny learns to control his new abilities and use them in battles against paranormal beings as the ghost-boy, Danny Phantom, while also dealing with the day to day issues of being a teenager with bullies, pushy teachers and not-so-normal parents.   Fortunately he has his friends to help him out: Sam, an enviromentaly-friendly Goth girl, and Tucker, a 'techno-geek' and a wiz with almost all things electronic.

Updated Nov 30, 2007

    Good Morning.   I have updated this mini-site.   A talented artist, by the name of Sol, have donated art to the Growing Pains story.   Excellent art --I recommend checking it out.   Also, I have a couple of pictures of my Danny Phantom fan-doll and a pic of my ball-jointed doll named Danny beside himself (Yay, Photoshop!).   Thanks for stopping by.

Take care, Peoples!
Niki P.
The webmistress, NeeP.

Danny Phantom