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  Greetings and welcome to the Otaku Village Gallery.   This would be where there would be works of arts and nifty scans (not to mention scribbles, doodles, and other goodies) that would not fit within the other 'shops' located within the village.   Feel free to look around.   Of course, contributions are more than welcome.
  I am sorry that everything is a mess at the moment.   Give me some time and I will organize this page into proper sections. ^_^   And if you have submitted art to me in the past and I have forgotten to post it, please let me know so I can correct this right away.   (I'm really, really sorry!)

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Niki Paradis
The Crossroads
Digimon Den
Wayfarer's Inn
Ninja Daycamp
Funbari Hill Cemetery
Knothole Sanctuary
The Laboratory

Updated Feb 10, 2008

Original Art

Cloud Strife (FF7)
Inu-Yasha in a school uniform
Trunks with a tail (Dragonball GT)
Yamcha the Desert Bandit with Pu'ar 
Trunks with a guitar  (Dragonball Z)
A chibi pic of my self ^_-
Shippou as a teen. (Inu Yasha)
Trunks in front of a huge Computer screen
An SD Trunks... (Dragonball Z)
Son Goku with an apple (Dragonball)
Trunks with a Tail (Dragonball GT)
Anime Version of Shaggy (Scooby Doo)
Akane Tendou slugging Trunks. (Ranma 1/2 & Dragonball Z)
Trunks, Cloud and Ryouga
Sora-fishie, b&w (Kingdom Hearts)
Sora-fishie, coloured (Kingdom Hearts)
Sora and Donald Duck (Kingdom Hearts

Site Galleries

Crossroads (Ranma 1/2)
Ryouga Gallery
Crossroads Fanfic Illustrations
Ranma Cast Art
Wayfarer's Inn (Slayers)
Slayers Fan Art
Slayers Fanfic Illustrations
Digimon Den (Digimon)
Digimon Fan Art
Digimon-Destined Illustrations
Ninja Daycamp (Naruto)
Naruto Fan Art
Naruto Fanfic Illustrations
Knothole Sanctuary (Sonic)
Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art
Funbari Hill Cemetery (Shaman King)
Shaman King Fan Art
Shaman King Fanfic Illustrations

Guest Artists

Gourry (Slayers) by LizMUN
Jai-san, by LizMUN
A chibi pic of LizMUN
Gaara (Naruto) by Joe
Naruto by Joe

Fuzzy Characters

A young fox named Tad approaching a basket.
Beta reading a story to Sparky and Tad listens on.
Sparky trying to catch a butterfly and Beta and Wilson watches
Wilson practicing his katas.
Tad giving Sparky a hug
Wilson, Tad, Beta and Sparky
Sparky, my official web cat


The cast of DragonLance:War of the Twins
Tasslehoff, and bronze dragon (Dragonlance)
Briel, kendri. (fan-character, Dragonlance)
Another pic of Briel,
Matrix of ReBoot
Kingdom Hearts II: Roxas Fish
Kingdom Hearts: Under the Sea (Pencil Sketch)

Fantasy Art

A bishounen mer-faery on the Beach
A faery named Jeimi
Young leaf sprites
Young Pixie with broom

Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom in Fenton Shirt
Danny Phantom, Sk8r Boy
Danny Phantom, Sk8r Boy - pencil
Sketch of Danny Phantom at 17
Sketches of Sam of Danny Phantom and 'Deadline'
Danny Phantom - shocked at a sudden age change
Original idea sketch of Danny at 17
Danny Fenton - age 17, Dash and Tucker - pencil
Danny Fenton - age 17, Dash and Tucker - colour
Danny with Deadline - pencil
Danny with Deadline - colour
Sketch of Epoch, Deadline's cousin
Sketch of Jazz, with Fenton Peeler
Sketch of Danny, 17, facing Fenton Peeler
Jazz confronting 17 yr old Danny in the kitchen

Disney's Gummi Bears

Gusto of Disney's Gummi Bears
Disney's Gummi Bears: Gusto, Gruffi and Artie
Disney's Gummi Bears: Gruffi
Disney's Gummi Bears: Cubbi
Disney's Gummi Bears: Sunni
Disney's Gummi Bears: Tummi
Gummi Bears - Gusto's mad
Nadia, an original Gummi bard
Augi, Nadia's little sister

The Fairly Odd Parents

Tina and her fairy god brother
Fairy Timmy confronting Jorgen
Cosmo teaching his adopted son
Timmy's new hair colour
Getting used to the fairy gig
Fairly Odd happy family
Cosmo and Wanda: Love never Changes
Timmy and his goldfish

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