Otaku Village Station

Sorry that you're leaving.  But here are some links to other sites that you may want to travel to.  Feel free to come back anytime that you want.   Not all of them are Anime related, but still, can be a lot of fun.

Anime Turnpike

This is huge lists site with links covering every genre in Anime.  It isn't as user friendly as it used to be, but it still has tonnes of links for you to explore.

Homestar Runner

A funny site featuring flash animation of Homestar and his uh, friends.   Check out Strong Bad's emails while you are there.

User Friendly

A site for the talented (and not so talented) computer uh, geek.   In my personal opinion, very accurate about the ins and outs of computer phone support. (Which is my RL job...)

Anime Fantasy

This is Zach's anime page.  He's the talented one who created the Ranma 1/2 Chibi Fighters game located in the Laboratory.   Here, you can find comics, stories and a Ranma Choose Your Own Adventure story.


One of the largest collection of fanfiction on the net, covering almost everything out there, not just anime.  Anyone can upload to the archive, but there are lots of real gems out there if you look for them.


This is a rapidly growing archive of all sorts of fanfics, fanart, and celebrity pics for you to peruse.  I think it is well worth the visit.   There is NeeP stuff in there too, honest.

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