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Original Scans!

  This is the Scans page.   Here you will find many scans of the Slayers Cast, and other goodies.   Some of these are scans of video boxes and CD cases, not to mention other stuff.   Please feel free to send other stuff so this 'room' of the Inn can grow.

Image Scans

Xelloss from Try
Gourry as a chef
Lina, posing dramatically
A tender moment between Lina and Gourry...
Gourry in shock!
Xelloss, posing.
A sweet pic of Lina and Gourry.
Gourry gets a clue
Gourry rendition of the famous painting "The Scream"
Cute l'il Jellyfish-brain...

A moment of embarrasment for Gourry
And another...
Gourry makes a wonderful bride, y'think?
Aparently the Great Baloon thinks so...
The gang's all here, and in uniform
Lina and Naga
Yep, Gourry really IS a mercenary...
And you wonder why she keeps refering to him as 'Yogurt Head'

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