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Digimon Pics!

I LOVE Gomamon!!!
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Hi!   Welcome to my Digimon Image page!   This is where I will keep all of the pics.   Some of these are ones that I find, some of these are some that I drew, and some of these are ones that are drawn by others but have permission to post.   If you have a pic that you would like posted, please send it to me.   All credit is given to the artist and I'd like to create a large fan-art archive.   Enjoy!

New Pics!

An inked pic of an older Cody with Armadi


A pic of Tentomon (from Fox's Digimon site)
Motimon with dreaming Pabumon (from Fox's Digimon site)
Tentomon with Pabumon (from Fox's Digimon site)
A scared Pabumon (from Fox's Digimon site)

Original Art

(All artwork here is mine unless otherwise indicated.)

Izzy and Tentomon
Joe and Gomamon
Um, Garurumon ain't supposed to act like that, is he? by MoonSheen
Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the grown-up one... Right, Gatomon? by MoonSheen
Joe and Gomamon, in medeval-gear
Gomamon hanging off of a heart
Joe, season 02
A 'Real Life' picture of Joe and Gomamon
A quick scribble of Wormmon
A scribbled picture of Gomamon in a halter
A cute picture of Wormmon with a flower
Simple pic of Gomamon
Gomamon again...
Joe, giving directions from the old site to the new.
Gatomon Gajinka! by Scribbler
Oekaki practice: Joe.
An older Cody and Armadillomon.
Henry and Terriermon (original fanart) by Emiko
Gamomon (original character) by Emiko

A Joe Kido KiSS doll (ZIP'd file) (Go to Otaku World for the program to run this.
Picture of Joe in the KiSS browser.
The original image for the KiSS Doll Process. (Warning: Huge file.)
Image made with KiSS

Digital Baby Pictures: Cody!

Cody sitting on a chair
On a different chair
Cody and Armadillomon
Casual Moment for Cody
Cody and Armadi on a rocker with Ryoko wanting on
Cody's Jacket

Directory with all Cody's pics and work in progress

Doujinshi Scans!

(If anyone could provide the titles for some of these doujinshi, it would be much appreciated.   I don't know a lot of kanji.)

Sutekina Nichiyoubi (Front Cover) Shin, Joe and Gomamon. By Udon Yamamoto
Sutekina Nichiyoubi (Back Cover)
Ashita no Keshiki Joe and Gomamon by Youyousha
Cover to 'Distortion Pinky': Joe and Gomamon By Udon Yamamoto
Back Cover to 'Distortion Pinky': Jim (Shin) and Bukamon
Kouno Kyou (Front Cover) Joe with Gomamon By Tanakko Power Plant
Kouno Kyou (Back Cover) Joe in Costume with Gomamon
Chiisafu Hoshi ga Hora (Front Cover) by Udon Yamamoto
Chiisafu Hoshi ga Hora (Back Cover)
Beautiful Human Life (Front Cover) Joe and Gomamon By Udon Yamamoto
Beautiful Human Life (Back Cover) Joe and Gomamon saying "Bai-bai!"
Natsuyasumi no Tomo (Summer Friend): Jyou, Shuu and Shin By Tanakko Power Plant
Heart Beat Symphony (Front Cover), By Tanakko Power Plant. Shin, Shuu and Jyou. ^_^
Heart Beat Symphony (Back Cover)
Summer Children (Front Cover) by Atsuko Tataoiri
Summer Children (Back Cover)
Winning Bell 2 (Front Cover) By (?) (I can't read the name...)
Winning Bell 2 (Back Cover)

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