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  These are the ideas that are kicking around in my head for future stories.   That doesn't exactly mean that I will be writing them, but that I have had them and this is what they look like.

Digital Human

  Joey is a special boy.   He is the very first Digital Human, or Digikid.   It is up to him to find a place for himself in two worlds.   Yet people already believe that they know where he belongs.

This story takes place a couple of years after the finale of Season Two, 25 years later.   Joey starts out as a digital clone of an original character (You can figure out who...), but he quickly develops his own individuality.   He is given to Igorimon to be raised, but there is a anti-Digimon group who thinks that Joey should be raised by humans.   What follows will determine a Digimon's place in society --either as an equal or as a second class citizen.
This is Joey, and his Digimon partner, Bubbles
Igorimon comforting a very confused Joey
Jeimi (Jamie) Kido and his Digimon partner, Tadpole
A pile of gomamon --Goma, Bubbles, and Tadpole
Oekaki Practice --Bubbles
Quick sketch of Jamie
Jamie again.
Joey and Bubbles (Digital Human pic)

The Adventures of Goma Kido

  This is an alternative continuation to the Digimon-Destined storyline.   The kids have all defeated Frankenmon and returned to their human forms --except for one...   But there MUST be a Digi-Destined of Reliability.   How does the new Digi-Destined cope with his new role --and his new body?   How does his partner react when he realizes that he will never be human again...
Excerpt One
Goma and Jyoumon
Goma, age 14
Goma tackling Jyou once again
Goma, Jyoumon and the Crest of Reliability
Goma and Jyou

Doujinshi Project...

  This is my doujinshi/comic project, featuring Goma and Jyoumon.   How does Goma cope with becoming human?   Will he learn to be reliable?  The page...


  For some bizarre reason, Joe started to grow wings...   Not feathery wings, but huge purple and white butterfly wings.   What's a single father in his forties going to do?   And how many people is he going to have to convince that he is not a mythical creature?
The creature in the mirror...
The man with the wings...
The Kido family --Joe, Goma, Jamie and Tadpole
On the wing
Joe and Goma
Joe, Goma and a quote
Joe's day in Primary Village. (Those babies love him... ^_^)
Jamie will fix it! --Whatever it is... (Tadpole and the babies will help, and so will... Black Koromon..?

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