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Hello.   Welcome to "Growing Up Fairly Odd".

    This is a page dedicated to the (very) weird imaginings in my mind.   There most likely won't be any story written on this --the story takes place in my mind for my own amusement, but I like to illustrate even my own ideas, and I am willing to share them.   I will explain some of the ideas so these doodles make sense.

    As of Feb 20, 08 as I learn of the new fairly odd baby, I find it odd and I don't know how I am gonna work it into this mind babble of mine, or if I am not going to bother.   I have seen the episode, and Poof is a cute baby.   But for now, I ain't gonna worry about it and continue my mind babble as I know it.


    Once upone a time, Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda went to the GhostZone of Danny Phantom's universe to assist with an issue at the Garden of Souls.   The Garden had suffered damage by the hands of Denzel Crocker of Timmy's universe.   Timmy made a wish the Garden was restored and Cosmo and Wanda made it happen.   The Soulstar, a conscious energy source/sun, thanked Timmy and the fairies by taking a soulscan of Timmy and storing it away.
    Nearly a hundred years later, the Soulstar created a fairy clone of Timmy using the soulscan it made long ago.   The new fairy had all the memories of the original Timmy Turner up to the time the soulscan was made.   Cosmo and Wanda adopted the fairy child as their son.
    Timmy now has to adjust to life as a fairy, as well as the fact his human parents are long gone, the changes his world went through in one hundred years, and the fact he is now expected to call Cosmo and Wanda "Mom and Dad".
    Wish him luck...

A Fairly Odd Family

Era: The 2100's
Child assignment: Teena Turner
History: Teena's mother passed away a couple of years ago, when Cosmo and Wanda became her fairy god-parents.   Recently, Teena's father remarried and Tina and her new stepmother are having troubles seeing eye to eye.

  Cosmo and Wanda have been Teena's fairy god-parents for a couple of years already.   They disappeared one day while Teena was over at her great grandfather's, and when she returned home, they had a little boy fairy in tow, Timmy.   Teena thought it grand that she had a fairy god-brother.   Timmy was not so comfortable with the situation.   He had yet to obtain his fairy crown and wand, and he was also still in shock over his situation.   It was during the following day that Timmy received his crown and wand, after a heated argument with Jorgen Von Strangle.   He was also enrolled into Fairy School.   When the three fairies returned home that day, Teena surprised them with a box given to her by her great grandfather for her 'third goldfish'.   In the box was the pink ball cap of the original Timmy Turner.   Tim Turner is Teena's great grandfather.   He managed to successfully hide the fact he remembered having Cosmo and Wanda as his fairy god-parents.   He wanted to make certain Cosmo and Wanda's new son would have something from his original childhood.

Unexpected Discovery

Teena meeting Timmy

Fighting with Jorgen

Cosmo, the teacher

Timmy-Fish in a little fish bowl

Era: The 2130's
Child Assignment: Mandy Long
History: Mandy lives with her Father, stepmother and her sixteen year-old stepbrother, Chuck.   Chuck likes to make Mandy's life as miserable as possible.   Wanda and Cosmo (and Timmy) are there to brighten her days.

  During their stay with Mandy, Timmy will start to go through a bit of fairy puberty.   One of the most noticable changes he will go through is the changing of his hair-colour to match his blue eyes.   He will go through a bit of an identity crisis, wondering where Timmy Turner has gone.   It will take Wanda and Cosmo to remind him that no matter what he is or what he looks like, he will always be 'Timmy', their son.   Mandy will also try to cheer him up, and goes out of her way to take back Timmy's hat from Jorgen, who took it away some time before.

Singin' the Blues

Wanda likes the new colour

Cosmo likes the colour too!

Baby Poof likes the colour as well!

Happy Fairly Odd Family

Era: The 2150's
Child Assignment: Lily Turner
History: Lily is a typical average girl with clueless parents, a mean babysitter and a cruel teacher.   In short, her life is much like how Timmy's human childhood was.  

  Lily will make the wildest wishes out of all the girls that were assigned to Cosmo and Wanda.   It is at this time when Timmy is finally getting the hang of being a fairy-in-training.   But Lily's wishes still tend to catch him by surprise.

Lily meeting Timmy

The Fairy Competition

Some things change, Love's still the same

Last Minute Date

Fairly Odd human boy

Fairly Odd Brothers