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Morianna, a pissed off fairy

    Welcome to the "Fairies!" page in an otherwise ghost-related site.

    As DP once said to Danny (In my head anyway), "C'mon now, you already believe in ghosts --Are fairies all that much different?"   I will admit it, I like the concept of faires in the universe of Danny Phantom, hence this page.   There may not be many stories written on this --the stories tend to take place in my mind for my own amusement, but I am willing to share some of the ideas.  

Two Ideas!

   This page is a gateway to two fairy based worlds.   One is the "Garden of Souls", based on a mystical garden deep within the Ghost Zone and the fairies that take care of it.   The other story is a Fairly Odd Parents scenerio, called "Growing Up Fairly Odd", where a young fairy named Timmy learns all he can from his adoptive parents, Cosmo and Wanda.   You will see the links on the left side in the menu.   Tell me what you think.

Thanks everyone,


Niki P.