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Warning: Page in progress!

    Welcome to the "Garden of Souls".

    This is a page dedicated to the (very) weird imaginings in my mind.   There most likely won't be any story written on this --the story takes place in my mind for my own amusement, but I like to illustrate even my own ideas, and I am willing to share them.   I will explain some of the ideas so these doodles make sense.

Story Synopsis:

    The Garden of Souls is a mystical and spirital place located at the centre of the Ghost Zone.   It is also one of the most beautiful places to be found in the Ghost Zone.   It is one of the places ghosts will awaken to when they first come to be in the Ghost Zone.   The Garden is overseen by Lady Drusilla, a powerful ghost sorceress, her daughters, Claudette and Millicent, and two special garden fairies, called DP and DF.   Watching over everything is the all powerful Soulstar, a conscious energy source, which provides actual life to the Garden of Souls.
    DP and DF are fairy clones created from the soulscans of Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton.   They are working towards their own identities, but it will take some time.   Their job is to tend to the Garden and to protect it and the Soulstar from anyone who would try to destroy or take control of them.

New Characters

DP and DF

Lady Drusilla

Claude and Milli


Fairy boys: DP and DF

"Fairies in costume"

A quest with Danny

Enchanting Danny