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Shouya Uzumaki
  Welcome to my very modest Fanfiction page.   At the moment, it features only a couple of fanfics, featuring a clone of Naruto's named Shouya.

The Seventh Day

Shouya's New Technique

The Headman Doesn't Want Soy-Sauce


Shouya Uzumaki
Naruto and Shouya: 'Hands Off the Jacket'
The Last cup of Ramen
Shouya with a scroll
Quick sketch of Shouya as an adult
Um, 'Drag no Jutsu'
KiSS snapshot: Shouya-Genin
KiSS snapshot: Shouya in Sasuke-suit
KiSS snapshot: Shouya's final outfit
Akimichi Isu, Shouya's instructor
Rekishita Jiten, Shouya's teammate
Chiisaioka Tsukue, Shouya's teammate
'What if': Shouya with son.
Naruto and Shouya, smaller pic
Naruto and Shouya, full-sized pic

KiSS Doll File: Uzumaki Shouya (ver 1.3): LZH File, and ZIP File
(All previous versions available here in the Laboratory.)

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