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Hi!   Welcome to my Digimon Links page!   I find these to be interesting pages and I hope that you do too!   I know that the pickings are slim at the moment, but as I am editing my links and looking for new one, it may take some time... ^_^

Note: Most of these sites are in Japanese.   But if you want to try reading them, I recommend going to CNET's Download site and get WorldLingo.   It's a translation program for browsers --I know it works with IE at least.   It doesn't provide the best of translations, but it will help you get the idea of the pages.

Anime Turnpike: Digimon

This is a page on the AniPike that has a whole list of links to Digimon sites!   And more are being added each week.

City of the Emerald Digital

This page is in Japanese, but the images are worth looking at.   This site is about all of the Digimon becoming human.   The graphics are great, and I bet the storyline is too.

Toei Animation's Official Digimon Website

This is Toei's official Digimon page.   It's all in Japanese, but it is well organised with pictures of all of the characters.

Official Digimon 02 Website

This is Toei's official page to the Digimon 02 Season.   Also in Japanese, but worth browsing.

Official Digimon Tamers Website

Toei's official page to the Digimon Tamers.  

NEC Digimon Website

This site covers all of the Digimon seasons.   It's also in Japanese, but it is well worth going through as it covers the Digimon Hunters season as well as the others.

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