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  Hi.   This is the gallery of Sonic artwork done through the ages (or at least 10 years).   Some of the stuff seen on this page is recent as in the last few months, and others are much older, dating to about 10 years.

  There's still a lot of organising and scanning to do for all this.   But I think this is a start.
Tails, age 15


Tails, age 15
Sparky wants to go too!
Sparky says 'Stop'.
Spike Echidna-Rose
Thorn Echidna-Rose
Roxie Bleu
Prickles the Echidna
Lander the Echidna
Princess Max
Original Cast
Diaper Fiasco!
X-mas, Knuckles and Amy
Knuckles and Amy - Ramba!
Amy, old style as an adult
Antoine as a 'peasant'
Easter Bunnie!
Ringside Fight
Antoine's sandwich
They're shooting at us!
Sonic and Tails sketch, '96
A Sonic Christmas
I've been missing?!? (Old story sketch)
Tails singing his heart out!
Tails, lookin' cool!
Very first drawing of Tails.
Tails over calculated a jump by Slinky, age 10 (ten years ago)
Knuckles again
Still Knuckles
Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
'Sonic Baby-sitter'
Original Characters
Antoine and Roxie
Roxie Blue and her brother, Tad
Roxie, the winged hedgehog
Roxie is short for 'Roxanne'.
Roxie sketch
Is this a dance, or a karaoke?
Jeanette D'coolette with Alex
Roxie and Sonic, under the mistletoe
Amy and Knuckles are planning to get close too.
Wilson Whitepaw
Grace 'Spinner' Prower (Tails' baby sister)
Princess Sally and Replica
Tails, Beta and Spinner
Replica protecting Alex
Triangle of hedgehogs
Snively and a robot called 'Roxie'
Future Generations
Antoine and his daughter, Max (Maxine)
Elsa the Chameleon
Knuckles' and Amy's family
Prickles, Spike and Lander
Spike, Lander and Knuckles on the Island's edge
Learning about the Emerald
Lander demanding independance
Lander, age 16
Lander and Lucy Whitepaw
Spike, Lander, Thistle and baby Thorn
Heated arguement bewtween Lander and Knuckles
Lander and Striker the Armadillomon
Max, Thistle and Lander on Liberation Station
Thorn and Barb hiding from intruders on Liberation Station
Thorn Echidna-Rose
Spike and Elsa
Spike Echidna-Rose
Lander and Lucy stuck baby-sitting...
Knuckles can be a good dad...
Lander playing with a pillow.
Prickles the Echidna.
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