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  It seems to me that I tend to get lost as often as Tousan does.  But I have tons of photos of my family, my friends, of all of the places that I go to and of all of the people that I meet. 

  If there's a certain pic that you want to see, let me know and I'll look through my stuff and post it.   My email address is: iikibahibiki@hotmail.com.   And when I manage to find my way to a computer, I'll even check my mail.


Family Portrait, gone wrong... (Stupid rain...) By: Glyph Bellchime Glyph Bellchime
Just Tousan, Auntie Ji and me, in a group picture.
You're next! Who wants to challenge me?


Jakku posing with his buckets.
Jiro demonstrates her balance to Jakku.
Jiro posing for the camera.
Jiro doing a high kick.
Tousan and Jiro playing by the fire.
"He's no pig, he's my brother!" Jiro with P-chan by Liz-MUN
Jiro at 17, in her "Compitition Outfit". (She says that she wore that outfit in order to break the concentration of her opponents)
An oddball sketch of Tousan and Auntie Ji.
Tousan, Okaachan and Aunti Ji in their late teens
Tousan and Okaachan kissing.  (web 13)
A doodle of Jiro and P-chan (An old pic of Jiro...)
Tousan and Auntie Ji dressed for Hallowe'en
Jiro and P-chan sittin' in the water
A demon-dog that Tousan encountered one day.
Tousan, age 19 as a blonde (The Thing About Blondes)
Blonde Tousan, with Jiro and Kaasan commenting By LizMUN (A Thing About Blondes)
Jiro with a present.
::Blink-blink:: Jiro's looking at you...
A old pic of Auntie Ji
Tousan, Auntie Ji and me--all around the Christmas tree.
Tousan, while blonde, Posing with a foreign princess. (A Thing about Blondes)
Tousan and Auntie Ji, traveling
Okaasan and Auntie Ji to the Rescue! (The Thing About Blondes)
Jiro, age 17, in a waitress' uniform
Okaasan with her bishounen, Tousan. (The Thing About Blondes)
Tousan, posing for a picture.
Jiro, looking as cute as she can
An SD Jiro, simply being cute.
Jiro in tanktop and jeans
Jiro, dressed as Sophie from Battle Arena Toshindin
Tousan, Jiro and Me all posing for our Hallowe'en picture
Tousan and Jiro as cat people!
Tousan and Okaachan on the Island of Fumei (Something About Blondes) By Glyph Bellchime

The New Generation

Me, posing for the camera
Me, lookin' cool
A picture of my backside.
Yoiko posing for the camera.
Yoiko leading the way for me.
Tousan and me when I was younger.
P-chan with Ga-chan
Okaachan and Yoiko.
Tousan and me playing when I was younger.
Yoiko and me in our at home clothes.
Yoiko, at age 10, trying to get soemthing out of Tousan
Tousan having an accident in the restaurant.  (The reason why toys are not allowed in there, heh.)
Kanaeda and me fighting over my lunch (again).
Kanaeda's cousin, Kitana Kunou  by LizMUN
Ga-chan, fighting this yellow rodent, while Tousan and Satoshi watches
Me and Kanaeda passing Mike Kurenai in the school hall.
A weird doodle of myself (Niki's very first drawing of Iikiba)
A black and white pic of me lookin' cool.
Are you looking at me? Iikiba is looking back.
A father-son moment (first coloured pic of Iikiba)
Me, after being forced to dress as Inu-Yasha...
Yoiko grinning for the camera
Tousan, Okaasan and me in black & white
Iikiba--character sketch #1
Iikiba--character sketch #2
Iikiba--character sketch #3
Iikiba--character sketch #4
Kanaeda and Ranko Saotome
Me, with a present.
Do you really want to fight with Yoiko and me?
Come on and fight us...
A chibi pic of myself done by pzach
Me, grinning at the camera
Hey! How the hell did this pic get into here?!? (warning: Web 13)   Niki-san, you're so dead!!!
Me, and Tsuna, a critter that I found one day.
All of us TNG guys in drag (a b-day gift for Niki by LizMUN.)
Mike Kurenai, beside himself
Teka Sanzenin by: LizMUN
Mike 'reveals' himself to Teka Sanzenin by: LizMUN
I don't understand how I get to some of these places either...
Me... with freckles...(sigh)
Me with the nut who runs this site
Just get outta my way!
Me in my Okonomiyaki uniform...
Gel, teaming up with a demon named Shippou
Kananeda learns that nothing stops a Bakusai-tenketsu. by LizMUN
Gel with Shippou(coloured version)
My cousins, Mizuko and Oyu Hibiki.
Taika Taro... (character of MoonSheen)
I am just SO cool!
Takashi, our local 'street kid'
Ramu and Romu, Computer Experts and martial artists. (Romu's the boy, Ramu's the girl)
Whoa!   A pic of Yoiko when she's 16
Another pic of 16 year-old Yoiko! by: LizMUN
Me, doing a victory pose!
Me, dressed as Tai from Digimon...
Me with some little freeloaders... (One Cabbit Mystery) By Glyph Bellchime
Me and Cabbits --in colour By Glyph Bellchime
Mascara by LizMUN
Me, on one of my not so good days
Thumbs up! by LizMUN
A pic of Yoiko with her spatulas by LizMUN
Another pic of Yoiko by LizMUN
Me, with the goggles that I got for Christamas.

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Iikiba in a black hole by, P-zac

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