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"Girls Kick A$$!"   The front of a T-shirt design that I made.
Jiro on the back of this T-shirt design.
A simple T-shirt design with l'il Ranma and Ryouga in it.
Jiro's Animayhem card
Iikiba's Animayhem card
Ryouga, lost in the world of Chrono Trigger
Clip #1 from the Ranma 1/2 RPG
Clip #2: A typical day in the dojo
Clip #3: Ranma and Akane about to fight
Clip #4: Ranma finds Ryouga
The fighting cast of the second Ranma 1/2 Famicon fighting game
Ryouga vs. Shampoo
The advertisement for the second Ranma 1/2 game  It didn't make it into translation, though.
So there's no such game. (sorry)
Iikiba VS. Mascara! An altered video-game pic featuring two members of the New Generation. (I altered it from the pic of Ryouga VS. Shampoo.)
Myself, Ryouga and Jiro--lost!
A pic of the Ryouga doll that I'm working on... (The pics a little blurry yet... I'm still learning how to use a camera)
Iikiba's trying to wake me up.
A shot from a Ranma PSX game
A shot from another Ranma 1/2 game (I dunno which one, though...)
The back of a shirt featuring Iikiba.
Another pic of my Ryouga doll...
My anime shelf

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