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    Here's where you can get the scoop on the characters being introduced in the stories.  This will be separated into two parts: the characters of the present day cast, and the New Generation of Nerima. Not all of these characters of the New Generation will be mine, as some were created by LizMUN and MoonSheen ( I will post those later, I promise), those I will give credit where credit is due... But the more characters that there are, the more populated future Nerima becomes...

    I expect that this page will perpetually be 'Under Construction'.   heh.


Jiro Jakku
Iikiba Yoiko
Kanaeda Ranko
Gel Mike


The Present Day Characters


    Jiro was rescued by Ryouga from a bunch of crazed villagers who were intent on burning her at the stake.  She then decided to take it upon herself to be Ryouga's little sister.  It is her dream to be adopted into a caring family, even if the family in question is directionally challanged.

Age: 15 years old
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Other:  Jiro has slightly pointed ears, which make her seem elf-like.  She has an excellent sense of direction and has the ability to track certain people down by sensing their auras. 

   Jiro is near-master at Martial Art Water-fighting and she is a quick learner.  By watching Ryouga, she has learned many of his attacks and has incorporated them into her own.  She fights by using martial-arts combined with the use of her water-bucket, umbrella and bandannas.

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Jakku Mizuno

   Jakku has been chasing Jiro for more than five years, intent of taking her life and restore his family's honour.  He doesn't really want to kill her, as they grew up together and were best of friends, but he really doesn't want to shame his mother.  He's been able to track Jiro down repeatedly by sheer determination.

Age: 15 years old
Height:  5'9''
Weight:  152 lbs
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Green
Other:  Jakku is basically a non-descript individual.  If it wasn't for the fact that he is always carrying his water-bucket around, he could disappear into any crowd.

   Jakku is a near-master of Martial-Arts Water-Fighting.  He is determined to uphold the principals of his school and work its techniques to perfection, and he isn't interested in corrupting his lessons with new techniques.

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The New Generation

Iikiba Hibiki

     Iikiba is the son of Ukyou and Ryouga Hibiki.  He is the eldest of two children.  He's a dedicated (if directionally challenged) okonomiyaki chef.

Age: 16
Height:  5' 8"
Weight:  165 lbs
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Hazel
Other:  Iikiba has the tell-tale fangs that marks him as Ryouga's son and are his name-sake.  He also has rooster-tails in his hair which have yet to be conquered.

   Iikiba has inherited his directional problem from his father, and sometimes he gets himself lost in other dimensions and timelines.  Iikiba fights by using martial arts combined with street-fighting and the use of his umbrella and small throwing spatulas, although he has also cross-trained in the use of the battle-spatula and the bandannas.

Voice Bytes:

"Where am I now?"
"You wanna fight, huh?"

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Yoiko Hibiki

   Yoiko is the daughter of Ukyou and Ryouga Hibiki.  She is the youngest of two children.

Age: 14 years old
Height:  5' 1"
Weight:  103 lbs
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Aquamarine
Other:  Yoiko has inherited the fangs that identifies her as Ryouga's daughter -- heck, she looks a lot like Ryouga, but she has the eyes that marks her as Ukyou's daughter as well.

   Yoiko has an excellent sense of direction that she has inherited from her mother and she has her father's temper.  She fights by using martial-arts combined with the use of her battle-spatula and throwing spatulas, but she also has been trained in the use of the umbrella and bandannas.

Sound bytes:
"Anoo... So... Why is it that I have to go after him again?"

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Kanaeda Saotome

   Kanaeda is the son of Akane and Ranma Saotome. He is the heir to the Saotome school of Indiscriminate Grappling (Or the School of Anything Goes Martial Arts).  He knows almost as much as his father did at the same age, and he's more than willing to prove it.

Age:  16 years old
Height:  5' 9"
Weight:  160 lbs
Hair:  Red
Eyes:  Brown
Other:  Kanaeda's red hair makes him really stand out in a crowd.   His 'in your face' attitude is hard to ignore.
  He also knows how to cook, but is ashamed to admit it.   No one knows exactly why Kanaeda has red hair.

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Ranko Saotome

   Ranko is the daughter of Akane and Ranma Saotome.  She is the youngest of the Saotome children, and she feels that she has a lot to live up to.   She is always out to prove that she is at least as good in martial arts as her brother and father -- if not better. 

Age:  14 years old
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 124 lbs
Hair:  Auburn
Eyes:  Blue
Other:  Ranko has an 'in your face' attitude of her own that tends to get her into fights with the other students in her school.
 Ranko is a tomboy like her mother with one important exception.   She knows how to cook.  
Voice Bytes:
"Hey! I'm not outta the running yet! Don't count me out!"

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   Gel is the only daughter of Mousse and Shampoo.   She is the Strong girl that both of her parents wanted.   She is extremely strong as are all amazons and she is skilled in the arts of the hidden weapon.   She is confidant in herself and her abilities, and spends much of her time trying to keep her mother from flattening her father.

Age:  17 years old
Height:   5' 5"
Weight:   129 lbs
Hair:  Violet
Eyes:  Blue
Other:  Gel is very near sighted.   Like her father, she wears glasses with heavy lenses.   She sometimes appears to be aloof from the others, which only means that she is observing the situation at hand before acting.

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Michel "Mike" Kureinai

  Michel is the only child of Tsubasa Kurenai and Azusa Shiratori.   He is the victim of their ideas of dressing 'cute'.   He's often forced to wear a dress as if it was the most natural thing for him to wear.
  Mike is an expert in Martial Arts Skating and he is capable of cobbling up disguises-- which are very useful when he wants to hide from his parents.

Age:  16 years old
Height:   5' 4"
Weight:   126 lbs
Hair:  Strawberry Blonde
Eyes:  Blue
Other:   Mike is very feminine in appearance, especially when he is stuck wearing a dress.   However, he passes for male when he's dressed as one.
  Mike hates the dresses with a passion that rivals his father's love of them.  As much as he loves his parents, he can't wait until he can move away from home and dress properly.   He's got a slight temper and is always willing to fight anyone who challanges his masculinity.

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  Mascara is an Amazonian girl who was accidentally defeated by one Iikiba Hibiki while he was lost in China.   She followed him all the way back to Japan (after a few detours) and then was accidentally defeated again by one Kanaeda Saotome.   Thus Mascara has two fiances and she is not certain which one she is going to marry.   At the present, she is determined that she will marry both.   She is presently staying and working at the Nekohaten.

Age:  16 years old
Height:   5' 2"
Weight:   120 lbs
Hair:  Green
Eyes:  Brown
Other:  Mascara is beautiful and she knows it.   Her skill with the Japanese language is poor, yet she has ways of getting men to do whatever she wants.   She is passionate and outgoing and is never afraid of letting everyone know exactly what she wants.

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