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The Colours of Ryouga: Green by PZach

Original Scans:


Ryouga as a child, wearing a tunic intended for a sixteen year old.
Ryouga with his dog, Shiro-Kuro.
Ryouga practising a Shi-shi Houkoudan
Ryouga in absolute despair
Ryouga, confused (as usual)
Ryouga as a child, wearing Akane's old clothes
"Opinion" A poster I made with a pic that I found. (face it, we all have days like that)
Ryouga looking determined.
Ryouga in Red
Ryouga wearing his collar and holding his skates
Ryouga, looking determined.
Ryouga with flowers
Ryouga, standing tall

Original Art:

(These are my pics, unless otherwise noted.)

Ryouga kneeling.
Ryouga in casual clothes.
SD Ryouga giving a thumbs up.
SD Ryouga with his umbrella.
'Ryouga in the Wind'  pencil sketch
'Ryouga in the Wind'  finished work.
"Where am I?"  A young Ryouga tries to read a map.
Young Ryouga with his first bandanna. by LizMUN
Ryouga at peace by LizMUN
"Lost Boy" by LizMUN
Ryouga, the star of the Ryouga Hibiki Anime World Tour by: Me!
Ryouga dressed as if he was in an RPG. by ME! (Clothes inspired by Breath of Fire 3)
A very shy looking Ryouga... by Me!
A paper-bag doodle of Ryouga (It was a sloooow day at work...)
Ryouga of the Future by Me!
Ryouga with a present.
Another way of drawing ryouga-kun...
Simple pic of Ryouga, smiling.

Ryouga cooling off in a wading pool by Baba
Ryouga and his umbrella
Here's Ryouga-chan! by Baba
Ryouga, relaxing. by LizMUN (A b-day pic for the Crossroads... Web 14)
Ryouga, dressed as Kouga from Inu-Yasha
Ryouga, as a cat person...
Ryouga on a Post It note By Glyph Bellchime
Only Ryouga can get to here by foot..." Sent to me by Glyph Bellchime
The Colours of Ryouga: Blue by P-zach
The Colours of Ryouga: Red by P-zach
Ryouga: Life is a Highway (Song-Doodle)

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